Garden Update

My herb garden is underway! I broke down and bought a rosemary (officinalis) and lavender (‘Grosso’). Everyday on my way to work at my previous job, I walked along a trolley line which was bordered with sweet smelling lavender, two city blocks of it! It made my mornings glorious and often I couldn’t resist picking […]

Fun with Latin names

Where I work we use Latin names a lot because they are the most precise and descriptive way to talk about plants, but they are also really fun to say! One of my favorites is the Latin name for sweet potato vine, a charming annual that I love for a quick color pop in pots. […]


My father’s mother who I never met (she died when he was in college) used to have bonsais. There are family stories of how I am a “stamp out” of her both physically and in terms of my willful personality. I guess I follow in her footsteps in another way now. Plant tastes! I think […]

First Gardening Foray

As my title implies, I have made my first foray into gardening at my new apartment. I have a south facing deck about three feet wide and maybe 7 feet long. There are a few privacy shrubs around it but I am hoping that I can talk the apartment’s landscaping crew into trimming them down […]

Musing on Hydrangeas

Spring has arrived around here. The air no longer has the nip at it that makes me wear upwards to eleven layers of clothes. No longer is frozen mud my constant companion and we do not have to struggle to chip pieces of potting soil off of our huge industrial sized block in order to […]