First Gardening Foray

As my title implies, I have made my first foray into gardening at my new apartment. I have a south facing deck about three feet wide and maybe 7 feet long. There are a few privacy shrubs around it but I am hoping that I can talk the apartment’s landscaping crew into trimming them down a little bit if my plants need more sun, but that seems unlikely with the combined power of southern exposure, being up against a wall and being potted rather than in the ground. Most likely a little bit of shade is a good idea, so that my plants don’t fry in the hot July and August sun.

This is what I am working with:

I picked up a bunch of pots from Ace and Shopko in a variety of sizes and colors and sternly limited myself on the seed packets.

I planted sweet peas into one of the long trench style pots as I am hoping to grow these sweet smelling vines up and across my railing to soften the metal and make me smile when I sit out there in the morning before work. I also planted seeds for buttercrunch lettuce, romaine lettuce, and Italian flat parsley. I thought about planting the seeds for the chives because my porch is a moderated climate and warmer than the ground, but I hesitate because it says to wait till after frost, which is at least a month more around here! Maybe in a couple weeks if the weather stays nice.

The two large terracotta pots will eventually hold tomatoes, though I am  nervous about them being large enough…I haven’t been able to find any truly LARGE plastic pots. If my budget would allow it, I would buy terracotta or even some nice resin pots with a clay imitation glaze, but sadly I am working on a post-grad budget. Someday, someday…

The adorable red, blue, and yellow pot is a gift from my mother-in-law to be, who is also a gardener. I am trying to think what kind of plant could stand up to so much color in the pot alone and wondering if perhaps I should just grow something like greens in it to give the eye a resting place.

Along with the seeds I am planting, I plan to purchase rosemary, lavender, a small culinary sage (not a tricolor or any special variety), and perhaps a mint so that I can flavor a pitcher of water with it because I occasionally have Southern Belle delusions and really want to sit out on my porch sipping a mint julep this summer.

Ummm…actually, on further reflection, that delusion might stem from too much Star Trek.  Dr. McCoy was always going on and on about wanting a mint julep on their journeys to the far reaches of the galaxy. I guess that just goes to show how good it really is.

Stark Trek copyright


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