Gallery of THUM Wildlife Invitational

As my title suggests, the Gallery of THUM is having a show with art featuring wildlife. The $10 entry free goes toward raising money for the Mt. Spokane Veterinary Hospital, so it is a great cause as well as a good artistic opportunity! The final submission date has been moved back from April 30th to May 10th, so if you work really fast, you still have time to get something in!

This is the website: If you go to this address and then click on events you will be able to find their invitationals to their shows. Browse their galleries while you are at it, they have some really neat stuff!

I decided to paint the mighty American bison, better known as the buffalo. It is the first time I have worked in acrylics in a long time and I was pretty rusty. Still I think this turned out pretty well.

I am hoping that working to submit art to galleries and shows will help keep me disciplined and force me to spend more time making art instead of just noodling around! Deadlines are the key to making things happen and I really need to develop my skills more if I have any hope of making art as a career. How about you? How do you make sure that you keep a brush in your hand even when the to do list beckons?


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