Six Foot Swing

I have been hearing about Six Foot Swing, a local swing band, for quite some time. They are big in the community, getting involved in such things as the “You Can’t Do That in The Library” auction and dinner to benefit the Spokane library system recently. When my friend Ian invited me to come with him and some friends to the Viking to listen to them play, I told him I was there!

And boy was I glad that I was there!

The bar was packed and swinging with rhythm!

A few very brave people even got up and began swing dancing in the tiny space in front of the musicians, but I’m afraid that I didn’t get pictures of that because I was busy doing this:

A watercolor sketch of the ceiling of the Viking. The Viking has an “international pub” atmosphere amplified by the many colorful flags dangling from the ceiling.

Next I tried to draw the musicians. By this point I had consumed most of an absolutely delicious pear cider and was feeling rather fuzzy, so even this little sketch was rather more challenging than I expected!

So I decided to to go for a simpler motor function and took myself and my camera up close to the band where I discovered that Six Foot Swing’s trumpet player is a personality!

Case in point:

He came right up to me and started mugging for the camera! Before the end of the night, he had climbed onto a table to blast out an amazing solo as the audience erupted into whoops and applause.

I know I will definitely be back!


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