Thrifty Scores

It is yard sale season. I can’t drive more than a block or two from my apartment without seeing signs declaring “HUGE sale! This Saturday and Sunday only!” Now that I have a little more free time, I can’t resist their siren call and I abandon my course to meander among neighborhoods following posters and signs, often times running into more garage sales along the way!

My goal was to find a queen sized bed frame or a bookcase (I always need those!), or a cute hutch. I didn’t have much luck with any of those goals, but I did manage to pick up a couple interesting things.

A little wooden model of the USS Constitution for 50 cents:

A pretty good deal, don’t you think?

The next great thing I found was this vintage cookbook, “The Fireside Cook Book” by Simon and Schuster. I have no idea why it is called “The Fireside Cook Book.” It is not a book about cooking over a fire. In fact, quite a few of the recipes are pretty fancy. So, the title makes no sense, but that doesn’t matter. What I bought this book for are the fabulous illustrations.

Take a look:

SO CUTE! Man, I love vintage illustration!


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