Terrain 2011

I recently learned about Terrain, a yearly art show put on in Spokane meant to expose the public to a wide range of artists and artistic styles. This is it’s fourth year and it has been very successful, which I think is great because I love seeing the arts do well. It is coming up soon so I decided to submit something.

Two summers ago when I was living in Spokane I spent a lot of time walking or taking the bus. As a result I had many close up experiences with gritty urban streets and cross walks and I began to think about the contrast between the clean, clear lines of the roads in maps that I saw on Google and these potholed and graffiti-ed streets. I picked up things I found left on the road, mostly washers because I was fascinated by their patina, the way they showed the wear of their time on the street. They are markers that people had passed over that place again and again and again in their cars, but left a little bit of themselves behind.

For my piece I collaged papers onto a repurposed book cover that I got when Gonzaga was giving away old books containing Psychology journals from the 50’s. I sketched out an interpretation of  central Spokane as seen by Google, adjusted to be a little more interesting and made some descriptive marks. I punched holes in the book cover and sewed the washers on. I think it turned out rather well. I hope the Terrain people like it! I am looking forward to the show in the fall whether I am in it or not!


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