Socks and Sewing

I have finished the first of the Cowboy’s socks (vanilla in style, navy in color, and HUGE) and am most of the way through the second. I have learned a few lessons.

1. His feet are ENORMOUS compared with my petite woman’s size 6.

2. In order to make the cuff proportionate to the foot, knit longer than you think is at all reasonable (This sock is a bit disproportionate as I was not expecting the foot part of the sock to be as long).

3. When turning the heel, use more stitches to start out the short row shaping, a bigger foot has a bigger heel.

Thank goodness for Knit Picks Sportweight Stroll. It looks like I can expect that it will take 2 skeins to knit one sock for the Cowboy, the exact opposite of me! I can get two socks from one skein of sock yarn usually.

I have also finally finished my knitting needle roll holder, the pieces of which have been laying around for the better part of half a year unfinished. Up until now I have been keeping all of my straight needles, including dpns, in a large pickle jar, which , let me tell you, was pretty darn chaotic. Now they are all nicely organized in my lovely cloth roll! I’m still a beginning sewer so my seams are a little wonky and I didn’t quite cut my fabric straight, but I still really like it and think the roll holder will be very handy. I used Lupin Bunny’s tutorial.

I am planning on casting on for the Winter Sunrise Hat by Elinor Brown (Ravelry link here). I have the yarn all picked out, in lovely mustard and maroon colors similar to those in the sample hat. I am very please because I was able to pick these out of stash rather than buy any new yarn. Hurray stashbusting!

However, what I am not very pleased about is the provisional cast-on. I used the article in Knitty as my guide and it worked out well, until I was about two rows into the hat. Then I looked down to see live stitched running loose. When I had cast on with the scrap yarn, I had all of the stitches scrunched together, but when I started knitting, I spread the stitches out on my circular needles and thus pulled the stitches off the of considerably shorter scrap yarn. ARGH. I don’t even want to say how long it took me to do the provisional cast-on (it’s embarrassing) and even more embarrassing, when I had finished I noticed that I was 4 stitches short, so I added on four more stitches, figuring it didn’t really matter if just 4 stitches weren’t live for the hat lining. I guess having the live stitches fall out is the knitting gods way of saying, “Yes, it really does matter. Now fix it!” Sighhhh…


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