Comparing Lighting for Photography

Clunky title I know, but it is really what I am doing! A couple days ago I was taking photos of projects and I had a really lovely bowl of ripe tomatoes in the kitchen that I wanted to share with you guys. So I took it out and set it by the window. I was feeling a little rushed so I tried taking photos before it was noon and the apartment was truly FLOODED with light. Still, it was a sunny day and I opened the blinds all the way and indirect light is good for photos, right?

When I was still at the apartment frittering around after noon (instead of running the errands I probably should have been doing) I decided to take some more photos in the much for direct light (with it’s corresponding problem of shadows from our window edging). Each time I took three photos. I am curious to see which set you guys prefer.

Early Morning/Cool Light Photos

After noon/Warm Light Photos

Okay, I lied. There are just two photos in the cool lighting. Oops!

Which set do you like best?


4 thoughts on “Comparing Lighting for Photography

  1. Hello, I like the tomatoes in the warm light. The first one with the circular shadow is lovely,and the closer shot below is very good too. It is so much fun doing little projects like this. Helen

    • Thank you for your feedback! Yes, it is fun experimenting and it is always great to get another’s viewpoint. I love the sunflower photograph that you have as the picture on your homepage. Sunflowers are my very favorite flower!

    • Thank you! It looks like the consensus thus far is that warm light is preferred. I’m glad you like my photograph. I took a look at your website and your photography is lovely!

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