Multnomah Falls and Maryhill Museum

The view of Multnomah Falls from the ground level.

The view from the stone bridge looking down.

Forty minutes, eleven switchbacks (over half in the last quarter of a mile), and a LOT of huffing and puffing later, we reached the top of the falls. Such a skinny waterfall!




But the view was lovely.

The next day we went to the Maryhill Museum, where we discovered that they have peacocks in their outdoor sculpture garden!




Inside we found many beautiful things, including furniture designed by a former queen of Romania!

We drove a little further to the Stonehenge that Sam Hill built as a memorial for the World War I soldiers from the area who died in the war.

It was very surreal to look out through those pillars and see the dramatic landscape of the Gorge, so very different from that of England, the home of this structure’s inspiration.



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