Knitting like a fiend…sort of…

The weather has finally gotten truly and consistently cold around here. The leaves are turning brilliant gold and flaming red and I have dug out all of my plastic bins of winter woolies.

And I have been knitting. Oh yes. Lots of knitting.

This is an almost entirely finished hat in a simple 2 x 2 ribbing with a rather strange decreasing pattern for the crown devised because I was watching “Dead and Loving it” (Woo Mel Brooks!) with Luke and didn’t want to leave the movie to look up the official method.

It is a lovely yarn that I got from Joann’s because I just so attracted to the variation of the blue tones and the random bright sparkles of pink. It will be a great hat. I have knit it so that it will cover nearly all of my ears. This means it also comes down pretty much exactly over my eyebrows, so it looks like I have no forehead, but this cannot be helped (and my forehead will be warm)!

Next up I started the Knotty but Nice cabled hat with some yarn from my stash. All I have done thus far is the ribbing, because once again, it is something I can do while watching TV and snuggling in blankets.

Please ignore the random speck of fluff on my yarn. It has been sitting on my coffee table for, ummmm….. 3 weeks? 2? I don’t remember!

I haven’t cabled anything since the Irish Hiking Scarf that I made, oh, over two years ago, so I am feeling a little nervous (particularly because while working on said scarf I tended to get really confused about which row I was on and had to get a friend to figure out what the heck I had done wrong multiple times!).

The fact that the new season of The Mentalist has started has not encouraged knitting this hat because while TV time is knitting time, I find Patrick Jane far too fascinating to work on anything that requires even half my brain. These darn murder mystery shows take way more cranium power than half, particularly if I am going to beat my husband at figuring out Who Dunnit.

Speaking of Patrick Jane, every time I see his blonde little head and smiling face on the TV, I am struck by the feeling that he is one and the same with Gilderoy Lockhart in the Harry Potter movies.

hmmmm. Anyone?  Golden hair, big grins…Patrick Jane almost seems to have magical powers….

But, I think he’s a lot smarter than Lockhart, with or without the magical powers.

Both characters are rather amoral and try to conceal their true selves from the people around them.

Of the two, I’d say Jane is much more dangerous and a far more interesting character (though perhaps that is my love for men in three piece suits talking!)

I do think there is some merit to the comparison!

What do you think? Do you have any favorite TV shows that you watch while knitting? Any recommendations for tips on how to knit something more complicated that 2 x 2 rib while watching TV? 🙂


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