Sunrise, Sunset


I said I was knitting up a storm. Here is something else I am working on: the Winter Sunrise Hat by Elinor Brown.



As I mentioned before, the provisional cast on was giving me fits, but then my friend Molly suggested that I try doing the long tail cast on with one strand as the main color and the other as the scrap yarn. It worked excellently! However, she warned that it could be a bit fiddly trying to unpick the scrap yarn so we’ll see if this is a method that I will use again.


In other news, I have begun bringing my amaryllis out of dormancy. They are great flowers for the holidays and I love them dearly for their drama and the compelling show they put on every year as they sprout and flower.When I was little, we had a first grade teacher who grew one of these flowers every year and had the kids measure it to track it’s growth. It was great! Amaryllis are pretty speedy for a plant!

I’m going to try to post regular pictures of my amaryllis in order to share the process with you!






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