Knitting like a Fiend Take Two!

I am piling on the projects as the leaves fall and I begin the holiday frenzy.


Aunt Mary if you are reading this, Look AWAY NOW.

Here is a scarf I knit for my aunt out of Noro. I love the colorway and I spent quite a long time swatching (unusual for me!) in order to discover the perfect way to show off the long color repeats without getting any weird pooling. A simple feather and fan pattern turned out to be the best and I churned out this scarf in one weekend. It is now blocking on the floor of my living room and “blocking” easy access to the kitchen from one side of the couch. Oh well.


Next up is this yarn in kelly green:


It will go to a coworker. I am planning to knit the DeVine Neckwarmer, except it will be the DeVine Scarf. I love the graphic nature of this pattern and the way it stands out. Hopefully my recipient will love it as well. Who knows, I may have to knit myself one. P.S. Yes that eye searing combination of turquoise, orange-yellow and green are a combination I like and tend to wear on particularly gray days.

This last, partially wound skein, is yarn I bought at the local public market from Thistledown Shetlands and Wool. I fell madly in love with the colors and hope to make Holding Hands Feeding Ducks as I think that it will make the most of the color changes. Hopefully I am right. However, I am too hopeful if I think that I will manage to get to that before all the holiday crafting lands on my head. But winding the yarn and untangling the skein now that it has fallen off my couch gives me something easy to do while watching M*A*S*H* with Luke. It is some seriously beautiful and squishy handspun!

And now, here is progress picture of my Amaryllis! What do you think? I’m hoping to get a flower by Christmas. We’ll see!


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