Knitting progress

Aunt Mary’s scarf is now fully blocked and I am quite pleased with it. I was able to block it to get some more width and length out of it and the lace in the middle opened up nicely.

And here is the progress I have made in turning that green skein of Vanna’s choice into a scarf.


It is definitely fall. The potholes are frozen over here. I’ve found three spiders in the house in the past two days and in pulling out a few of my old woolies from their bins I have found them with moth holes and worn patches that I did not notice in my haste and joy to put them away for the warm months. As a result I have spent a couple evenings darning clothes on the couch under the glow of the brightest lamp I could find. Two moth holes in two 100% wool sweater. A moth hole, a rip, and a worn spot on the ball of the foot of two Christmas socks. A torn stitch in another beloved sweater. I found it quite satisfying to break out my darning needle and work quietly, reweaving the fabric of these garments. I used this tutorial to refresh my memory on how to darn neatly and unobtrusively.

I’m pretty pleased with the result. Slowly, I am getting better at hand sewing!


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