Only Time Will Tell Exhibit

I have good news! I have been accepted to the Only Time Will Tell exhibit in the Chase Gallery in the Spokane City Hall building. the show will be from January 4th to February 24th. For more information check out the Riverspeak page.

Let me show you process in making the piece I submitted: “Eternity Rusts.”

Setting up the composition on my wood board. My inspiration was the idea of an icon in the Russian Orthodox vein but using recycled objects found on my exploratory walks down the narrow back alleys of suburban Spokane. Next I covered the board with tissue paper for extra texture.

Starting layering with paint, trying to find the right values and tones.

It needed some shine, so I added gold paint. This is supposed to be an icon after all! Then I tested the placement of the hands of the icon so that I could cut the sleeves of the Lady’s robe at the correct angle.

The finished product with the dressed and decorated Lady of Rust. I ended up moving the apple bottle cap to the top of arc on the recommendation of Luke. He also contributed by helping me drill the holes through which I wired the washers. He was feeling a bit concerned about how I would do after watching me spend a solid two hours hammering nails into this board since I was bending just about as many as I managed to drive through. I really enjoyed the mixed media aspect of this project. My new goal: Get better at hammering and drilling so that I can do more of these!


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