Christmas Presents Update

I am making progress at checking off my enormous list of present for Christmas!

I finished the braided ball for the new baby….and then wrapped and gifted it without remembering to photograph it…Are we sensing a theme here? Yes.

However, I am going to make a second one for my other cousin, Tory’s, baby, so you will get to see what it looks like eventually. The ball was received well by Michelle’s older daughter Gianna, who apparently had one just like it when she was little, but she lost it. This one was promptly claimed as hers and clutched firmly which makes me glad that I sewed the seams very thoroughly.

Here is a photo of my progress on Mom’s Christmas stocking:


I also made tea cup pincushions for the vast majority of Luke’s female relatives. This is a very fast and very cheap gift.



And this is my present for my mother-in-law who loves frogs, a rice bag shaped like a frog!

And I am glad that it looks like it does above, rather than this:

where I got the legs reversed. I love the fabric and the eyes. I also forgot to put in the seam allowance for this pattern which at the time I didn’t think it was a big deal. Now that I have faced the full reality of the fingers? Next time I will bite the bullet and do it! Luke also pointed out that he would have made the body rounder and I think I agree. Also, somehow I was expecting the legs to be filled as well as the body and I still kind of want that to happen. I’m also not sure that the elaborate shaping of the legs are necessary since as you can see in my final photo, most of it ends up hidden. There is just something that bothers me about the back legs, a nagging feeling that they should be shaped differently or angled differently. Oh well. Next time.

Here is what my world looks like outside.

It is very peculiar. There is no snow, but all the trees are frosted, every branched edged and rimmed.

All fog and frost here on our first day after the Solstice. Wishing you all the best in this Season! May your feet be warm and your needles (whether sewing or knitting) be fast!


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