Post-Christmas Crafting Hangover

Happy New Year to you all! I hope that your holidays were all wonderful and full of good food and good friends.

As some of you may have concluded based on my pre-Christmas frenzy of knitting, I overdid it a bit and have been resting my wrists and elbows, so I’m afraid I haven’t gotten much knitting done. I did manage to finish my second braided ball…and once again forgot to photograph it. Total fail!

I did however finish my first Princess crown hat for one of my little cousins AND I managed to take a picture of it, so I hope that you will forgive me.

It is ridiculously adorable in my humble opinion and once the set up lace rows, is quite easy and a very interesting knit. I love the picot edges! This is the first time I have ever knit a hat top down and it was a very interesting experience.

I also managed to complete a fuzzy blanket for my friend Ian who loves penguins.

My present for Luke’s grandparents stands alone in that it is the only gift that I painted. I am very pleased with how the green tones came out, but I’m afraid the photos don’t do it justice.

Here are some in progress shots of a cute little bird plushie I am making for my friend Molly.


I need to finish this, get cracking on the princess hat and then, perhaps I will do a little knitting for me. How did all of your holiday crafting go? What was your favorite gift that you made?


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