This Post is Brought to you by a Snow Day

Yup. A snow day in Spokane. But this city is not perturbed by snow. Just as soon as the snow plows catch up with the deluge, everyone will be out and about. I managed to successfully drive in the snow, granted at the grand speed of 20 mph and in the lowest gear possible. As a former west sider and all around snow inexperienced person, I will be glad when all the snow is off the road.

I decided to go out and document the snow that got me a snow day. It was much warmer than I was expecting so I doubt this snow will last much longer.

I also decided to take advantage of the rare winter snow and the reflective power of the snow to photograph some of my recently finished projects.

This is the Princess Crown, the first of two. I think it is adorable and it is a very entertaining knit. I think my favorite part is knitting the last part, once I joined the crown to the purple hat. The picot edging also makes me really happy. I am SO CLOSE to being done with my second Princess Crown and then I can mail them off.

Next up are Luke’s birthday socks. I finished them a long time ago but realized recently that they were too short to be comfortable in his cowboy boots so I unpicked the bind off and continued knitting upward. I am cranky that there is a line where I continued knitting, but I am consoling myself with the knowledge that Luke doesn’t care and no one else will be seeing them. I left the long tails because (as I suspected) I am going to have to unpick my bind off and redo it as a super stretchy bind off.

Here is a comparison of my hand to the size of the socks. I have tiny hands! they are not even as big as his foot.

Also these mittens were knit by my friend Jessica, who gave them to our friend Molly because they were too small for her. Molly then gave them to me because they were too small for her. They fit me just fine. šŸ™‚

I hope that you are all warm and safe where you are. Have a great day whether you have snow or not.


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