Presents Given, Presents Received

First up: presents received.

This is the embroidered end of one pillowcase in a set given to me by Luke’s grandmother. It is so much brighter and cheerier in person but I’m afraid the winter dark made it nearly impossible to get a good shot of it. I received these as a Christmas gift. My MIL tells me that it is traditional for Grandma to give embroidered pillowcases at the bridal shower, so I guess like most crafty things, they took a little longer than she expected. When I made a fuss over how perfect the sewing was (I can barely seam a straight line by hand), I learned that the set of pillowcases took two years of embroidering in meetings. WOW! I find that I am tempted by the beauty of embroidery to try it, but the time involved just shocks me! Me, a knitter!


Now, for presents given. Luke liked the pillow I made his father for Christmas so much I decided to make him a rice bag with the same log cabin design to help keep his feet warm.

I have enjoyed making both log cabin “blocks” so much that I am thinking that my next quilt might just be a log cabin.

The snow you saw in the previous post is mostly gone now, a shadow of itself, icy slush.  I hope that either we warm up enough to rid us of this terrible walking hazard or we get enough snow to bury it!

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