Ribbit Ribbit!

Today I wrapped up my MIH’s birthday present, a flannel frog blanket. I thought of her the moment I saw the fabric on sale at Joann’s.

I’m not good enough with my sewing machine to free motion quilt this lap blanket (and it is just big enough to need it, about 3 ft by 4 ft) and I thought that straight lines would be too severe for such cute, happy froggies so instead I decided to do a tie quilt. I used purple (her favorite color) thread.

Please don’t mind the slightly blurry photo. I was racing the light.


This is my latest knitting project-Takoma. I am knitting it out of Cascade Ecological Wool and I’ve decided to throw blue into the mix as a fourth color because I just can’t be restrained when it comes to color. It is an aran weight yarn so it is going rather quickly. It still fits the title of this post if you change the b’s into p’s as I messed up my starting place in the chart and had to rip back 6 rows. Rippit Rippit, get it? I’m going to be working really hard on this because I want to get a chance to wear it before the weather turns warm again.


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