A Lazy Sunday

I spent a peaceful Sunday out at the in-laws with a good friend of mine. Naturally while the boys debated and played video games, we knit and chatted. The result?

Tons of progress on my Elemental Cardigan (aka Takoma). I have made even more progress since this picture. I have completed the left front and have started the right front. I am hoping to finish this before it gets too warm to wear it. Despite the snow you see outside the window, spring is coming. Every time I went outside the sound of dripping was a persistent background noise and snowdrops are peeking out of the snow (as they are wont to do), so I am knitting like the WIND.

Also exciting, here is a photo of the tractor pillow I made Larry for Christmas in it’s native habitat. Very pleasing to me. All crafters love to see their work being used!

I did not move this pillow at all. This is traditional position of couch pillows in the in-laws’ household. I guess because so many people and all their stuff (laptops, giant knitted cardigans…) are on the couch so there is no space for pillows. Since my couch isn’t up against a wall the pillows usually just end up on the floor. This is why, even though I want to sew more pillows, I don’t. There is no space! I feel this is a common problem. šŸ™‚


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