Thrift Store Scores!

Early this week I stopped in at a couple of my favorite thrift stores. I was planning to pick up a few items for some up coming craft projects, but as usual, ended up finding plenty of other surprises as well!

I am completely charmed by this suitcase. As a child who just barely remembers her parents having luggage without wheels on them, this is a piece that speaks to me of a bygone era. And as someone who has spent a large part of her life running through airports I can tell you why it is bygone! No one likes getting their arms ripped off by a heavy bag when it can be scooting along behind you at high speeds with minimal effort. Still, at $3 I couldn’t resist.

Here it is with a stool from around the same time period that was given to us by a friend.

A close up on the handle:

When you open it you see:

It is in really good shape except for the corner stiffeners. I think the belt on the inside to secure your clothes is adorable.  There is no way that I will use this for travel, but I think it could be a fun overnight bag for a driving trip. However for now I will be using it to store fabric and craft supplies.

Here it is holding some of the random craft supplies I found at the thrift store:

The yarn will become a baby present as my cousins seem to be bursting with them lately. I picked up the raffia (the tan stuff in the plastic wrap) so that Jen, Luke’s older brother’s girlfriend, can teach me basket weaving. She does not yet know of this plan, but she will soon! 🙂

How about you? Have you found anything that tickles your fancy at a thrift store or otherwise?


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