Snowy and Sad About It

Well, it looks like I don’t have to worry about not finishing my Elemental Cardigan before the weather warms up. It has snowed again. Not a ton, but enough that everything looks white. It is pretty and a month ago I would have been somewhat pleased by the crisp, bright, beauty. Now I am not. I bought a primrose at the grocery store yesterday and nearly bought a mixed seed packet for sunflowers for goodness sakes!

Isn’t it sooo pretty?

So colorful and happy and GROWING!


So I guess this will get plenty of use afterall:

I made this cowl based off the Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks scarf. I made it a cowl because I ran out of yarn. The yarn is a beautiful handspun from a local shepherd that I bought at our farmer’s market back in the fall. I really enjoyed knitting it and it worked up really fast! Unfortunately the second day I wore it one of the buttons fell off! I think it fell off in the car (I heard a pinging sound just as I was getting out of the car one morning shortly before I noticed that the button was gone), but I can’t find it in the car no matter how hard I look so I will probably have to buy another one.

And now I want to share something that bucked me out of the snow doldrums considerably:


This is a website where you type in words and it spells it using llamas. Really. This exists.

Man I love the Internet.

Go forth and entertain yourself. I won’t ask how long you spent on it. 🙂


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