Art from Sketchbooks Past

Since everyone seemed to enjoy the watercolors I posted from my time in Ecuador, I thought I would put up some of my other watercolor sketchbook paintings. All of these were painted in a beautiful leather bound watercolor sketchbook that I bought on a trip to Italy with my family when I graduated high school […]

Ecuador Sketchbook Part 3: The Cloud Rainforest and Quito

  Epiphytes are a fascinating part of the rainforest ecosystem. They are plants that live in the trees, high on their branches. They get their nutrients from rain, bugs that fall into them, and sometimes also draw upon the resources of the tree they are living on. They are major players in rainforest biodiversity. This […]

Ecuador Sketchbook Part 2

We left the muggy, muddy jungle for the breathtakingly beautiful Galapagos Islands and all of its weird and beautiful flora and fauna. Frigate birds are omnivorous kleptomaniacs. They will eat or steal anything. They have a HUGE wing span and often soared along above our like silent black dementors hoping for hand outs. They inflate […]


I have a long history with bagels. They were my favorite breakfast food for many years. A sliced, toasted and buttered bagel is still a food that makes me irrationally happy. As I mentioned before, I grew up on the East Coast, in the New England region (more or less) which has some serious bagel […]