Stitching and Stitching and Stitching

This is the first stitching. I have been working on Takoma (onward, onward!) and this is my progress on the first sleeve. There is still snow on the ground and I firmly believe that I will be able to wear it more than once this year as long as doing the button band doesn’t kill me.

And this is the second. Another drawstring bag, this time for me. I am not so pleased with it as I had cut the fabric to make a lined bag with a flat round bottom, but when I went to sew it, I discovered that somehow or another the body fabric was too short to be sewn all the way around the circumference of the bottom. GAHH. So I decided to sew it flat and then was deeply annoyed to learn that I had to fuss with the tutorial I picked to keep the owls “standing up” rather than laying on their side relative to the opening. I am going to cut out fabric for another drawstring bag and I will use Jen’s tutorial from In Color Order and it will all come together magically and perfectly. So there.

And this is the third stitching. Please excuse the blurriness, I was trying to take the picture one handed so that my other hand could show the extent of the hole and wool frankly doesn’t a camera much to focus on. This sad situation came about because I was squatting down to look under my car (because while driving I heard a distressing noise that I have since then decided meant nothing as I was driving on a rough part of road at the time) while simultaneously holding a bag of library books (because I can’t keep my hands off them frankly) and my purse and lunch bag. As a result when I squatted my long coat fabric couldn’t ride up because all the bags were resting on the fabric. When the button came off, it took some of the wool with it! To repair it, I am thinking I will sew a square of strong canvas to the back of the injured wool with a small piece of darker fabric over it to camouflage it’s presence there. Then I will sew my button through that hole and into the canvas. Hopefully that will be secure enough. If this is a disastrous idea or if anyone else has repair tips, please share them!


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