Crafting with Kids: Cereal Box Robot

I recently completed a fun craft project that I think would be a ton of fun to do with kids. I made a Cereal Box Robot. It is just what it sounds like: a robot made out of a cereal box. Oh, and toilet paper and paper roll rolls for arms and legs.

He is surprisingly charming, don’t you think?

(You don’t see the mess on my coffee table, m’kay?)

This project was very easy to do. My recommendations are to make sure that you are careful not to cut through the flaps on the bottom of the cereal box as you put the legs in and, if you are doing this with kids, that cutting the arm and leg holes may be tricky for them depending on their ages and you may want to help. Smaller holes are better than bigger holes. If the top flaps stick up and bother you, try gluing them down.

This project can be embellished in all kinds of ways-glitter, construction paper, decoupage, feathers, pipe cleaner antennas. It definitely has a lot of potential. And frankly it was a lot of fun for me to make and I kind of want to make more of them and have a giant cardboard robot army! Mwhahaha!


The kids will enjoy them too.


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