A Snippet of my Friday Afternoon

Paper mache bowls waiting for me to paint them. I used the raw flour and water paste and did four layers of paper, but I still wish that the bowl was stiffer. The sides flex and bow a bit and I want them to be solid, almost as though it is made of a light weight wood. However, I am trying to avoid using any kinds of glues or adhesives that are toxic or unpleasant to the touch as in the process of making these bowls, I managed to get the water flour mixture all over myself, the table, my husband’s coat on the chair next to me…you get the picture. Any ideas?

Here is some fabric drying. These will become part of two different drawstring bags made from Jen’s tutorial that I mentioned previously.

And I have exciting news!


and this:

are all gone!

Instead, we have this:

It isn’t much, but it is hope!

I spent 30 minutes tidying up in my tiny porch garden with the sun on my back and it felt amazing! The soil smelled wet and fresh and full of growing potential.

In cardigan news, I have completed one sleeve and am almost half way through my second one. Once that sleeve is done all I need to do is the collar and button band and then wash, block, and seam it all together. I can totally do that before it gets to warm to wear a bulky weight 100% wool sweater!  ….I hope….


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