Ecuador Sketchbook Part 1

A few years ago I spent 20 days traveling in Ecuador through the rainforest, cloud forest, the Galapagos islands, and the capitol, Quito. I kept a sketchbook throughout my time there. Over the next couple weeks I will post my paintings from the book. I hope you enjoy them.

We started out high in the Andes before moving down to the edge of the Amazon basin.

We stayed at Jatun Sacha, a scientific outpost in the rainforest. It was incredibly humid and wet. We wore galoshes all the time, but my feet were wet anyway from sweat. The only consolation was that the galoshes kept anything creepy living in the mud and puddles out of my feet.

This is the inside of our cabin (Cabana Tarantula, appropriately named!). We are trying to dry out our clothes, but we weren’t very successful!

Alex played guitar one night in the dining hut with the chore schedule for the station behind him.

I had a wonderful time in South America. I boated on an Amazon River tributary, walked the streets of Quito where the air is thin, stepped on the equator, and swam with seals and sea turtles.

More to come!


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