Ecuador Sketchbook Part 2

We left the muggy, muddy jungle for the breathtakingly beautiful Galapagos Islands and all of its weird and beautiful flora and fauna.

Frigate birds are omnivorous kleptomaniacs. They will eat or steal anything. They have a HUGE wing span and often soared along above our like silent black dementors hoping for hand outs. They inflate their neck pouches when trying to attract a mate.

The crew of our boat kept a huge branch of bananas hanging off the stern of the ship. Each day, they’d pick bananas from it for our meals. They were the best bananas I’ve ever had.

The sea lions and, in fact, most  of the animals of the Galapagos are completely fearless when it comes to humans.


2 thoughts on “Ecuador Sketchbook Part 2

  1. I like the art, nice job. When I worked in Florida, our twin engine plane would have to dive all of a sudden to miss the frigate birds so they didn’t destroy the props. Quite large birds up close.


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