Art from Sketchbooks Past

Since everyone seemed to enjoy the watercolors I posted from my time in Ecuador, I thought I would put up some of my other watercolor sketchbook paintings. All of these were painted in a beautiful leather bound watercolor sketchbook that I bought on a trip to Italy with my family when I graduated high school (it was also my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary). It was expensive, but I have loved working in it so much that I bemoan that I didn’t buy another one when I was studying abroad in Italy in college. What was I thinking?!

Let’s start with a few of the sketches I did while I was at Gonzaga.

This is St. Al’s, more or less! I am not great at exacting details so I tend to paint more of an impression of a building rather than being precisely accurate. I like to catch the spirit of the place. That is more important to me than whether the number of windows is correct.

This is the view of the Kennedy Apartments from the dorm room I lived in my sophomore year.  Kennedy had just been built and I enjoyed it’s colorful outside. At least it seemed colorful to me as I was living in the cement block known as Dooley.

Here is another view of Kennedy! The summer after my sophomore year I lived in Kennedy so that I could take Field Botany. My bedroom was on the inside courtyard and for those brief months I experienced what I imagine it would be like to live in New York as I could watch everyone’s coming and goings in their windows. It was also an interesting experience because Kennedy was still under construction and all the machinery was in the courtyard. The construction crews started their clamor and racket at 6 in the morning, the noise rebounding off the three story walls that make up the courtyard. I got up very early that summer!


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