You Spin Me Right Round

I’ve been up to some exciting fiber adventures recently! Last Saturday I went to the Log Cabin Spin In at the Riverfront Hotel in Post Falls and had a great time! There were tons of spinners and knitters EVERYWHERE. I got to see Navajo Spindling, which is spinning with an enormous supported spindle.

In this photo by Don Blair, you can see a Navajo woman with her spindle. Frankly, this is rather small compared to the ones I saw at the Spin-in.

I also saw a demonstration on spinning with shredded sari silk and hand combing fleece. It was a very educational day and very inspiring to be surrounded by so many skilled fiber people!

Here is my friend Molly spinning on her Ashford Traditional. As you can see, the room was totally packed with knitters and spinners!

Here is a closer look at Molly drafting the beautiful alpaca fiber she was spinning.

There was also a market place with vendors selling fleeces, processed fibers, dyes, spindles, yarn, and fiber tools of all kinds. I managed to stay mostly out of trouble. The two things I bought cost lost than $30!

This is Polworth and is dyed by a local fiber artist in Coeur D’Alene.

This is Shetland and dyed in a lovely jewel toned rainbow color, also from a local fiber artist.

So, why did I buy fiber if Molly is the one with the wheel I hear you ask? Wellllll….I recently saw a Craigs List ad for an Ashford Traveler for sale for $75.  As you can imagine, I was all over that! Molly and I went on a very long, very beautiful drive into the boondocks of the countryside to Blanchard, Idaho where I purchased my spinning wheel!

This is what I have started spinning. As you can see, there are some horribly over twisted parts and some very under spun parts. The wheel needs a new tension spring for the brake line, so I had a really hard time feeding the fiber onto the bobbin. This was rather frustrating and I should have known better than to try to spin without buying a new one, but I am an impatient individual. Oh well. I’ll go buy a new spring today. Learning anything new is frustrating in the beginning, but I can already tell that I will really like this new hobby.


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