Sophmore Year Sketching

This is a sketch of the dorm setup I had with my roommate my sophomore year. We wanted to make the best of our cramped space and this was our creative solution. Our dorm was built along the Soviet concrete bunker style guidelines so we decorated our space with lots of colors to make up for the grayness outside. Those are prayer flags hanging over my bed.  I put paintings up on the wall and we both dangled our favorite scarves from the beds…but my favorite decoration were the curtains that my roommate’s mom sewed for us. They were a dusky gold and in the morning when the sun rose they tinted the new dawn light a glorious honey color that seemed to fill the air like syrup. It made waking up for 8 o’clock class worth it and slow Saturday mornings a luxury.


This is a sketch of an iron bench that was used as a couch for some time in my MIL’s house. It has a deer hide draped over it with the hair attached and a jean jacket thrown over it. All the boys in their family have a jean jacket so there is always at least one on the couch at any given moment. They also have an impressive collection of boots which I am always forgetting to sketch….


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