A Very Fibery Saturday


We are a bit heavy on the fiber lately. This Saturday I attended the South Spokane Fiber Festival in Fairfield, WA and had a ton of fun with my friends Molly, Jessica, and Rose. Jessica and Rose drove in from Seattle to visit us and luckily they are into knitting as well. We managed to get them hooked onto drop spindles and both of them were total naturals.

After the fiber festival, we headed out to Manito Park to take advantage of the beautiful day and photograph some of our knitted items. Welllll, to be honest, they were really all just my knitted items. Molly knit two of them, but I knit all the rest and it was my plan to use my lovely visitors as models for my knitwear before it became so warm and beautiful outside as to make wearing wool unbearable.

We had a ton of fun and took so many pictures that I am going to have to break the photo shoot up into two, possibly three, posts.

This is Rose wearing my finished Takoma. Yes, it is finished! Except for the buttons. I think it looks fine without the buttons, don’t you? I do plan to eventually sew the buttons on, but frankly I’ve just been too busy wearing this cardigan to bother taking it off to sew unnecessary buttons on.

This is Molly napping on the Girasole she knit me while the models and I do hard work. As you can see by her attire, it was a truly balmy evening.

Rose is excited about modeling.

Jessica enjoying the sunshine and the Rowan Kidsilk haze cowl I knit.

To come: Molly’s Little Birds Sweater and much fun with the Girasole.



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