Wildflowers in Bloom

I am loving all the spring flowers right now, but what is making me happiest are the meadows of arrowleaf balsamroot that are springing up all over town. Whenever I see their sunny faces high up on a hill or  sprinkling throughout a park or the wild medians of Spokane, it makes me smile. They were the first native plant that I learned to identify on this side of the state so they hold a special place in my heart.

Aren’t they so cheery?

They are in the same family as the sunflower (Asteraceae) so they have the daisy/sunflower look that I love.

I stopped at one of the parks to take photos. This gives you some idea of how many arrowleaf balsamroot plants there were. It was great! The white flowering shrubs in the background are another native plant-service berry!

Here is a closeup of their flowers. This shrub also produces beautiful berries that are very popular with birds.The plant was also used by native people for a variety of herbal remedies.

This park was abounding in wildflowers.

This is the Shooting Star, a gorgeous and extremely delicate looking flower.

This gives you some idea of the size difference between the two plants.

And now lastly a flower that I am unsure of.

I think this might be Idaho Blue-Eyed Grass, which is exciting because I have never seen it before, only read about it in plant guides. It is gorgeous, but very understated. If I hadn’t be taking photos and thus paying close attention to the ground I might not have noticed these blooms in and among the more attention grabbing arrowleaf balsamroot.

Man I love botanizing. Yes, I just made botany a verb. It’s ok. That’s just how I roll.


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