Hues of Pink

We’ve had some beautiful sunny days lately, coaxing everything into bloom! This is my Lewisia Cotelydon which is in fine flower and that I adore for it’s pink-orange hues.

An ornamental weeping cherry near my work, a classy white-pink. I love ornamental cherries because when all their petals start falling and blowing everywhere, we get “pink snow.” My high school was surrounded by streets lined with cherry trees and in the spring our cars would have a dusting of “pink snow” cherry blossoms across the hoods and drifts of “snow” pushing up against the curbs of the road. It never failed to make me smile.

Another flower in a local median planting, demonstrating a cool toned pink that is much brighter than the cherry tree. I used to know what this plant is called but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten. It has huge fleshy leaves with¬† that frequently have yellow, pink, purple tints to them. It is a plant that prefers shade and gets quite large, over 2.5 feet in height and diameter. Do you know what it is called?

How are your gardens? Have you been seeing a lot of one color in the flowers in bloom right now or many colors?



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