Spinning like the WIND!

I have been peddling like a crazy person at my wheel of late. I am still working my way through the small, partially finished bumps that the woman who had my wheel sold me. I am slowly getting better at drafting and I now don’t have nearly so many fluffs in my yarn but I really need to work on spinning a consistent weight. I have experimented with navajo plying which is a lot of fun and definitely makes a strong yarn as advertised. However, I am curious to see what kind of fabric the yarn that has been navajo plied knits up as. Will it be stiff as I am guessing or surprisingly soft?

Here are some of the things I have spun:

You can see here that I had a breakthrough in the middle of spinning this as I finally figured out how to spin the yarn thin…after I had spun half of this fiber up thickly…sighhh…I guess this yarn could be good for knit flowers or yarn bombing…

Really fuzzy!

I love the subtlety of these colors and I think this yarn will be soooo soft when knit up.

Now for my navajo plied yarn. This kind of plying sure eats yardage!

Currently I am spinning some beautiful white/brown/green fiber in the largest quantity I’ve spun yet. I am excited to see what yardage I get!


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