Yarn Bombing with Flowers

Flowers and yarn seem to be a common theme here on my little blog!

Inspired by the work of fiber artists and the left over hand spun singles of the woman who owned my wheel before me, I decided to try yarn bombing. Now yarn bombing sounds kind of funny and perhaps even hostile in this world where terrorists seem more and more commonplace, but I assure, yarn bombing is harmless. Yarn bombing is a recent activity in the venerable vernacular of knitting. It is when a knitter makes a piece and leaves it on the street as a piece of art. It can be any size, shape, color, and is frequently attached to public utilities, art, buildings, trees, etc. Since the knitting is sewn on, it is easy to attach and easy to remove, unlike much other “street art.” There is a certain whimsy to yarn bombing that makes me smile.

Since I am a raw beginner at yarn bombing,  I aimed for something simple-a long rectangle to be sewn onto a pole and decorated with flowers knit from the beautiful aforementioned inherited handspun.

Take a look!

It makes me smile!

Check out this website for more examples of yarn bombing-http://yarnbombing.com



7 thoughts on “Yarn Bombing with Flowers

  1. Awesome! The door handle of the art gallery I\’m involved with in Whistler was recently yarn bombed. I have a bunch of old Surface Design Journals that I use for inspiration and there\’s a ton of great fibre art in them. Design+texture+colour seem to set fibre art apart.

    • Thanks!
      I really do love the textile arts…I’m very tactile and knitting and textile work is color/art that I can touch. I’d love to see your surface design journals!

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