One Shawl Off, One Shawl On

I am currently knitting Holden, a cute little shawlette edged in lace. I got the itch to knit Holden thanks to Molly, yes, the usual Molly who makes regular appearances here on the blog. No, we don’t see each other too often, what are you saying?

Anyway, she knit a beautiful Holden out of Madeline Tosh yarn in Smokey Orchid, a muted purple-pink color. It was stunning and sophisticated and I was hypnotized. I wanted one for myself! However….even though it was the sophisticated air of the shawl that attracted me, I could not force myself to buy a subtle yarn. Nope, a brightly painted yarn with the air of the sea side called my name instead.

It is a pretty basic lace pattern and yet for some reason, the darn thing gave me the hardest time in the beginning! I knit and I ripped. I knit and I ripped. It got so bad that whenever I exclaimed out loud (finding that yet again I had too few or too many stitches) my husband would go “Froggy time!” Sighhh….I guess maybe I shouldn’t have be trying to knit it in the car while holding a conversation. I thin I finally have the hang of it now. I am over half way through the lace pattern and I can see the finish line.
It is grey and yellow!

These little beauties are going to be the Stripe Study Shawl. I am knitting it for a cousin who is getting married in September. I am way excited to get started on it! The yellow yarn is Collinette and the colorway is “Vincent’s Apron” which I assume is a reference to Vincent Van Gogh and his many sunflower paintings. The grey is Frog Tree Pediboo. They both are going to be so fun to knit with, I can tell already!

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