Wah, Wah, Waaaaaah

Yes, that is the onomatopoeic spelling of the sad horn noise.

I spoke too soon in my previous post when I said that I could see the finish line. I was at knit night, knitting away on my Holden Shawl, just two rows away from the end of the last of the lace when I had a little problem. No big deal, but Molly leaned over to help me, inspecting my knitting with her eagle eye and then pointed out that, oh, about six rows back that my decreases had taken a jog off track, disjointing the line of the decreases and thus the elegant design of the shawl. ARGHHHHH. I proceeded to rip back six 200 stitch long rows and stuff the shawl in time out. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t been so close to finishing by the time the mistake was noticed. And to be honest, I had noticed that the decreases were a little wonky, but I was so eager to be done with the shawl, I told myself that everything was fine and that the crookedness was just because of the way I had the shawl shoved onto the needle and it would all be fine when I was done. Wrong! It took Molly to gently break it to me that the mistake was noticeable and give me the needed support to rip it out.


Here is my yarn cake with ripped out yarn wrapped around it.

I was pretty made about ripping out the shawl, so to make myself feel better I wound up my yarn for the Stripe Study Shawl.


I may have gotten a little carried away photographing this yarn, but I regret it not at all!

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