Black Sheep Gathering Loot!

Alright everyone, I am opening up my shopping bag. I hope you enjoy!

First off: Huckleberry Knits, a lovely indie company from Bellingham where both Molly and I fell in love.

This is a silk hankie, pure silk made into a layered “hankie.” We attended a demonstration on how to knit or spin with this fiber preparation and were promptly bitten by the silk hankie bug. You peel off a thin layer and poke your thumbs through the middle of the gossamer screen of silk. You pull your thumbs and fingers together until the square becomes a loop of silk and then you continue to pull and stretch the silk thread until it is the weight that you want. You can knit straight from that single or spin it or ply that single with other fiber singles. I’m so excited to try it out!

This is a wild art batt from BohoKnitter Chic Spins. I am thinking I will try core spinning with it.

The electric lime green of this yarn just made me happy.

And finally, this is a wool/mohair blend that I got almost 10 ounces of and that I am going to spin into an outer wear sweater/jacket thing. Suggestions are encouraged!


5 thoughts on “Black Sheep Gathering Loot!

    • Thanks! Good luck finding a fiber festival! If you live anywhere near the Pacific Northwest I could give you a couple suggestions….

    • Aii! I’m sorry about getting the name wrong! I don’t know how I managed that since I was looking at the picture of some fiber with your name clearly put on it! I did enjoy your booth very much! 🙂

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