Doodling, Dreaming, Planning

Along with completing small scale paintings in my sketchbooks, I also use them to plan bigger paintings in different media, doodle to entertain myself and play around, and to observe the world around me. Here are some pages from my sketchbook.


The idea of rolling wheat and hay fields as a sea is not new by any means, but I still find it fascinating.

Studies as I thought out how I wanted the mixed media piece that I created for the Only Time Will Tell Riverspeak show. It became this:

Entertaining myself in a meeting.

More doodling with a little bit of thinking about a painting of someone baking.

This is the back of someone’s head. I sketched them during the aforementioned meeting and it brought back a lot of memories as I used to sketch people sitting in front of me all the time when I was attending school. My sketchbooks were full of the backs of people’s heads, their profiles or just slim slices of their faces. I learned to work quickly and be comfortable with the sketch coming out messy if they moved or I messed up.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my sketchbook. I will post most sketches soon!



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