A Walk Through Manito Park

We are lucky to have a beautiful park in Spokane called Manito Park. It has perennial beds, a formal garden, Gaiser Conservatory, a rose garden, Japanese garden, lilac garden and more. It is a great place to visit and just walk around. Because there are so many gardens there is always some part of the part putting on a show. Check out the Friends of Manito website for more information.

I decided to wander through through the Joel E. Ferris Perennial Garden and take some pictures. I love how thoroughly the plants are labelled so that it is easy to tell what things are (so then you can go home and buy them for your own yard!), but it did make taking a picture without showing the tag hard! I also stopped by around 3 so the lighting is a little harsh, but I hope you will forgive that.

This is a globe flower Trollius Chinensis.



A swathe of Lamb’s ear.

Salvia ‘Blue Hills’

Geranium ‘Rozanne’

Dwarf Bellflower


Lysimachia Punctata

Sea Holly

Day lily ‘Hyperion’

Does this look familiar at all? We took some photos here of me in my Takoma Sweater over by the conical evergreens and of Molly in her little birds sweater on the fountain. Now the garden is planted out and full of bright color rather than being the subdued shades of green, grey and brown of early spring in Spokane.

My next post will be about the Gaiser Conservatory, which is celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year!



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