Tour de Fleece

I have been participating in the Tour de Fleece this year. The Tour de Fleece is an annual spinning event that coincides with the Tour de France. They spin bike wheels, we spin yarn. My goal has been to spin for 15 minutes everyday. I have totally not managed that. But I have managed to do a lot more spinning than usual. Check out what I have been working on!

This is some lovely wool that Molly bought me from Yarn Underground, the yarn store in Moscow, Idaho. I love how the colors are coming out. I decided to spin it fractally which means splitting it in half and then splitting one of the halves into smaller sections in order to create shorter color repeats that are plied with longer color repeats to create cool barber-poling affects.

This is some pink roving left over from the bag I bought from the woman who I bought my wheel from. I plied it a little looser than I like so I might run it back through my wheel again to tighten it up.

More to come!



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