Still Alive (And in a House!)

Hello everyone!
We have made it to our new house and had many exciting adventures already (building a mail box, replacing a sink faucet, finding praying mantis in the yard and trying not to step on crickets as big as a man’s thumb!). I am slowly digging my way out of boxes, most recently with the help of my wonderful mother. We made a lot of progress but I am not quite ready to show photos yet of the inside of the house.

In lieu of said photos have some pictures of me wearing the finished Stripe Study that I made for my cousin. It is huge!

I’m not quite sure how to wear it. One side is considerably longer than the other and it is so huge I almost feel like it is a small blanket rather than a shawl.

I am very pleased with it!

Next up on my goals: weeding, more house organizing and cleaning, and looking for an affordable new sink! Ah, the life of a home owner….


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