Nature’s Bounty

It feels like the end of summer around here. I am a rush trying to put up all of the bounty I have come into! Above is a small sampling of the strawberry jam I made…there are 22 little bitty jars total. The jam is a little runny because I wanted to use less sugar than the recipe that used pectin (a thickener) suggested. Hopefully it will still taste delicious!

The other thing that says it is the end of summer is zucchini bread! I have made 7 loaves of it! Thank goodness it freezes well. I also had zucchini, onion and pepper stir fry last night and I STILL have zucchini in my fridge!

It is also garage sale season and I picked up a new house plant from a church rummage sale. It needs a new pot and will soon find a lovely spot in my house.

And finally, while I was out weeding, I found this fellow! Or should I say lady?

It is a praying mantis! And yes, she was upside down in a weed I wanted to pull! I didn’t have the heart to disturb her so I left the weed. I can pull it tonight when she’ll have hopefully moved on. This is the biggest praying mantis I’ve seen yet! Thus far they’ve all been small green ones-the males I am betting. More nature reports to come!



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