Round the Wheel I Go!

I’ve been doing quite a bit of spinning lately. I find spinning very soothing and a great break for my brain so during all the busyness that has been the past month spinning has been greatly helpful.

As you can see I’ve been trying out spinning thicker. I was aiming for worsted weight yarn in the hopes that I might be able to knit a hat out of my handspun, but I overshot it a but and got yarn that is bulky. Still it is so squooshy and cheerful that I love it anyway!

This is a skein that is also pretty bulky. It has a very light, pastel look to it, unlike the searing pink of the previous skein.

This is a lovely darker wool with a little bit of sparkle in it. It is the last of these three that I spun and is the closest to worsted weight. Slowly, slowly I am getting better at targeting the weights I want in my wool…now I just need to improve my yardage!


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