Every year for my brother’s birthday and at Christmas I make him something ridiculous. He loves deep sea creatures, video games and all sorts of funny Internet stuff. As a result, I am usually giggling as I make him his present. Recently his presents have included a knitted angler fish and knitted squid as well as a pillow made from Ikea viking fabric. This year I knit him a zombie! Yes, a zombie. A loveable, knitted companion to advise you while you play video games blowing up “bad” zombies.


He is wearing a maroon (blood splattered!) shirt and jeans with scars on his head and leg.

Here he is hanging out in my yarn basket.

The pattern is Zombie the Podcaster by Amy Spinler. It was an easy and fun pattern. I knit it out of worsted weight yarn because none of my fingering yarns are zombie colors. I hope my brother likes it!

And now I leave you…with this.


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