It is raining today. Grey and drizzly, the clouds press down on the house like damp wash cloths. It reminds me of Seattle, windows freckled by rain and soggy, heavy air. The rain heralds the end of our beautiful Indian summer, knocking golden leaves to the ground in fits of pique. Winter never could handle being outshone. Snow isn’t the only thing that sparkles!

But yesterday we had sun.

So I decided to take advantage of it.

This is some brown suri alpaca drying. I also washed and dried some Suffolk wool.

I am making good progress on my Simply Riveting Shawl using my own hand spun out of the Corriedale fiber Molly gave me. This is my second pattern written by the girls at the Stockinette Zombies podcast in the past couple of months. I love how the colors are working out and I am very pleased to be knitting using my own hand spun. I am trying to decide if I want to improvise an edging, if the shawl needs that to complete it or if I should just go with the pattern’s unassuming end. Right now it looks a bit like a bag thanks to the way I have to stuff it on my needle so it is a bit hard to picture how the edging will look.

We’ll see how this turns out!


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