Around the House

Here are some things to be seen around my house this week.

This is my Simply Riveting Shawl, almost all done! It no longer looks like a bizarre ball. Hurray!


I am finishing up an epic sewing project for the house, curtains for four windows that are each about 5 x7 feet in the sun room. I will be glad when I finally have all of these up!

This is a corner of my house, a garage sale rescued chair with the fabric I am thinking of reupholstering it with. sitting on it is a pillow that I sewed and some of my hand spun yarn. It makes a surprisingly harmonious composition, doesn’t it? Totally unintentional!

Here is some yarn I am spinning. It is made from some mystery fiber that came in the giant garbage bag of delight that I bought from the woman who sold me my spinning wheel. It is some kind of wool (slightly felted from its time in the bag) with slightly darker locks, possibly mohair mixed in. I am thinking that I will navajo ply it because there was so little of it that I didn’t feel like splitting it up onto two different bobbins to ply it. It will only make a small amount of yardage so I have no idea what to make from it, but I’m sure something will come up.

So how about you? What kinds of projects and accidental vignettes do you have around your house?


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