A Walk Around My Neighborhood

We had another warm but overcast day and I thought it would be lovely to go for a walk before the weather shifts and going outside makes me want to cry. We have reached the decaying stage of autumn, no crisp air for us. The leaves around my lilacs are the color of bruised pears. However, there is a beauty in this faded autumn that marks what loveliness there once was and hints at the skeletal harsh beauty of winter to come.

Wrinkled rowan ash berries hanging in bare branches.

One of the many local apple trees that has gone feral. These creatures are gnarled tangled and matted like squat old witches, their apples glinting in the sun, a sinister temptation.

This gentleman is planted in a neighbor’s yard and creeps me the heck out every time I see him. I think it is because the tall grass makes it seem like he is standing on his own and walking rather than lamely propped up as is the case in most yards. The plastic pumpkin only barely reduces the creepy factor.
And to cheer you up I give you Shark Boat. I love to think of Shark Boat careening through the grass, dun DUN dun DUN dun DUNNNN! He’s pretty angry looking but all that does is make me want to laugh.

And now to say goodbye….


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