First Snow of the Year

I guess my last post was timely as winter came right on its heels. We had a light snow only a couple of days later. It came down in dancing sprinkles, drifting about to slowly coat the land.

I love how the snow smooths over the ground. My yard, which for the past two months has looked like a bedraggled and too often bleached blonde hair with jagged weeds and clumps of grass is now a clean sleek expanse to rest the eye on.

The sparse air of the pines are enhanced with a nice coating of sugar frosting from above, making them look plump and jolly. I spent most of the day quashing my random excitement as the views out my window kept telling my inner child that it is CHRISTMAS TIME!!

The viburnum berries were cheery and bright under there load of snow. They were much more thoroughly covered that the berries of our mountain ash. I think the snow from the roof of the house hit these shrubs pretty hard.

We have icicles on every eave. Truly a Nordic sight!

These are my lilacs frothily blooming white in the winter as they will bloom purple in the spring.  I am loving the snow. But don’t quote me on that in January!


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